A Very Furiouse Barbarian


23 AC | 60 HP | Str 21 | Dex 16 | Con 17 | Int 12 | Wis 15 | Cha 14 | Fort 7 | Ref 4 | Will 3 | BAB 4 | Grap 9| Speed 30 |


Metzger traveled for 21 years with his tribe the Tubutions a Orc tribe that traveled to all kinds of locations. His dad rapped a women and kept her slave till his son was born after that he killed his mom! Metzger than killed the whole tribe off one night as they slept his father died last! Metzger killed his dad slowly chopping off individual body parts. The screaming of his dad made him fill with anger and pain. He filled with so much anger that he finally reached a point of rage he could not turn from cutting off the body parts faster and faster until there was nothing left. He crushed his father to mush! He walked into the nearest city covered in blood and was placed in jail for 5 years when finally released he learned to strive in society. Using his anger as a tool to make money and to interrogate his victims.


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